Dou Dou's Lunar New Year

This Lunar New Year, enter Dou's rou gans and cracker snack packs are back! Back with our own take on the dried meats with our own housemade recipes and unconventional meats: Duck & Prawn.

These 2 atypical meats were house favourites when we were looking around for types of meat to use.
Duck brings a gamey, deep flavour to a simple jerky with a snappy, chewy bite, whereas Prawn bakkwa has a bouncy texture and punchy umami on the palate. Both bakkwa are glazed with local, raw honey and seasoned to balanced.

Also, our sourdough prawn crackers, made with sourdough flour and minced prawns, a savoury snack worthy to be alongside your favourite CNY snacks, once you take up the container, you can't put it back down til its empty.

*Cutoff time for next day pre-order: 3pm
*Order re-opens daily at 9am