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Winifred 2021

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Producer: Gut Oggau

Origin: Austria, Burgenland

Terrior: Sand & Clay

Grapes: Blaufrankish, Zweigelt

Fermentations: Wooden Barrels

Age of Vine: 35 years old

Style: Red

ABV: 11.5%

Size: 750ml

Winifred is a bold and energetic red wine.
its jucy, spicy and come with a florish of floral aroumatics alongside tart raspberry and fresh starberry notes.

Hand-harvested and destemmed Blaufrankish and Zweigelt is macerated for 1 day then pressed straight into barrel, aged less than 8 months, bottled unembellished, unfiltered and without addition of sulphur.

*family tree description

"The daughter from Timotheus' first marriage, which ended suddenly when his wife disappeared mysteriously overnight. Just like her cousins, Winifred has a winning and open personality, is sociable and of a cheerful disposition. Upon a first encounter she can appear to be somewhat shy and reticent, but those that make her acquaintance remember her as a unique, refreshing and charming young lady with an inquisitive mind."