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Mechthild 2018

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Producer: Gut Oggau

Origin: Austria, Burgenland

Terrior: Limestone, Slate

Grapes: Gruner Vetliner

Fermentations: Wooden Barrels

Age of Vine: 60 years old

Style: White

ABV: 12.5%

Size: 750m

This elegant lady is very kind, but also polarizing, sometimes strange and always profound. She does her best to continue to rest on the bottle to show her expressive character.

Hand-harvested Gruner Vetliner is pressed in a 200 years old wooden press, bottled unembellished, unfiltered and without addition of sulphur.

Hence one may consider Mechthild as an exteremly complex orange wine. Herbal, mildly tannis and aromatic. Highly dynamic with lots of different dishes.

*family tree description

"The head of the family and mother of the Gut Oggau vineyard. A resolute and strong elderly lady, who continues to guide the fortunes of the Burgenland clan and defies all of life's trials and tribulations like a gnarled oak in a storm. Michthild always has a ready ear, but constantly adheres to her principles. She is the "kind-hearted grandmother" of nostalgia that one trusts, but she can also be secretive and polarize opinion."