Serraghia Heritage '19

RM 850.00

Some of the oldest vines of Zibibbo on Gabrio’s property - up to 120(!) years old - are responsible for producing his Heritage cuvée and as with everything Bini this is vinified and aged in amphora sunk in to the ground. Apricots, mountain herbs and sea salt to make you dream of the Pantellerian countryside.

Country: Italy / Sicily
Colour: Orange
Grape: Zibibbo

Gabrio Bini is an absolute legend of the wine world. A former architect, his creativity and vision has led to him making wines that taste like nothing else on earth from old bush vines on the volcanic island of Pantelleria. His unique expressions of local grapes Zibibbo, Catarratto, Pignatello and more, fermented in terracotta anfora buried in the vineyards are the work of a gifted artist.