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Cockles in Brine

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A petite pleasure. Tender, plump, and luscious…these mini, magnificent mollusks are a joyous luxury. Delicately chewy, bathed in crystalline brine, pearls of the sea.

One bite transports you to the coast of Northern Spain. Local cockles are harvested by hand at the peak of the season and processed instantly to preserve their natural flavors. The cockles are processed and cooked within hours of harvest, sorted by size, and hand-packed into an elegant tin and serving box.

Meet your new favorite tapa. Cockles—with a mild flavor and soft texture similar to clams—have a crisp sweetness that lingers. For pure satisfaction, serve simply alone or with a spritz of lemon and fresh Italian parsley on a plain cracker.

Fresh, sprightly, and adorable. It is easy to fall in love with this elegant bivalve, harvested from heart-shaped shells and sandy seashores. The brine is so flavourful you will savour every last drop..

Pairing: sparkling wines, e.g. Franciacorta, ciders, pilsners, port cocktails, e.g. Porto classic (white port and tonic), moscatel
Serving: top a watercress salad; serve with sourdough baguette and extra virgin olive oil; enjoy with a side of pickled vegetables
Region: Spain

Net Weight: 110g (3.9 oz)

Ingredients: cockles, water, salt

Storage: Store at room temperature. If not completely consumed when opened, store in a sealed container and refrigerate up to two days.