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Serraghia zibbibo '20

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A one-of-a-kind, kaleidoscopic wine from former architect Gabrio Bini. This comes from ancient bush vines of Zibibbo grown on the island of Pantelleria. The grapes are picked by hand and fermented on skins in big old terracotta pots for seven months. This blends gorgeous aromas of citrus and spice with that smokey, savoury minerality that we love about volcanic soils.

Country: Italy / Sicily
Colour: Orange
Grape: Zibibbo

Gabrio Bini is an absolute legend of the wine world. A former architect, his creativity and vision has led to him making wines that taste like nothing else on earth from old bush vines on the volcanic island of Pantelleria. His unique expressions of local grapes Zibibbo, Catarratto, Pignatello and more, fermented in terracotta anfora buried in the vineyards are the work of a gifted artist.

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