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Transcendent 2020

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Producer: Milan Nestarec

Origin: Moravia, Czech Republic

Grapes: Neuburger, Regent, Riesling

Style: Rosé

ABV: 12%

Size: 750ml

Tasting Notes: Plum, Roselle, Red Currant, Saltiness

How beautiful is that, not only the hand-painted bottle but also the content!
Funky Glouglou Rosé, as only Milan can do: Directly pressed Regent meets skin-fermented

Neuburger and Riesling - kinda crazy!

Super fresh red forest fruit, cassis and cranberry, light yeast seasoning (part of the barrels developed a layer of flor yeast), blood orange and some kitchen herbs.

From Milan:

The name comes from a typical “distracted winemaker” story: for the “label” of this wine, I experimented with a can of bright pink spray whose label read “Fluorescent”. This somehow mutated in my mind overnight so I thought the spray was called “Transcendent”, and liked that a lot as a sign, because what goes more beyond our usual perceived reality than a rosé under flor?! The next day, I was a bit sad to discover that my conceptually perfect puzzle of wine and its name was a fallacy and that the spray is actually called Fluorescent.. but hey, that doesn’t make the wine any less transcendental, right?

Each bottle a hand-painted original with label by me, the distracted winemaker helped by my dear wife, my sister and the mighty Transcendental paint.