Serraghia fanino rosso '19

RM 420.00

Another masterful wine from former architect Gabrio Bini. This is a roughly even blend of both red (Pignatello) and white (Catarratto) grapes co-fermented in Anfora. The result is a pale, textural red with beautiful flavours of red fruits and plenty of spice. As always there is a delicate complexity to Gabrio's wines that we just adore.

Country: Italy / Sicily
Colour: Red
Grape: Catarratto, Pignatello

Gabrio Bini is an absolute legend of the wine world. A former architect, his creativity and vision has led to him making wines that taste like nothing else on earth from old bush vines on the volcanic island of Pantelleria. His unique expressions of local grapes Zibibbo, Catarratto, Pignatello and more, fermented in terracotta anfora buried in the vineyards are the work of a gifted artist.